Perform a normal range of metal preparation and painting operations on a wide variety of parts, weldments, subassemblies and assembled company products. Work from process sheets, repair orders, specifications and instructions to operate various types of grinders and determine colors and areas to paint on machine surfaces.


  • Interpret basic drawings, route sheets, specifications and instructions to perform work.
  • Use surface filler materials to build up part surfaces; sandpaper to smooth.
  • Operate various types of hand grinders; use wire brush, files, and sandpaper to remove scale and burrs. Clean, grind, and prepare metal or painting operations; tape and mask unit to protect areas not to be painted.
  • Assist with and/or set up and operate spray painting equipment to apply standard undercoat sealer and finishing coats of paint. Add thinners as necessary to obtain proper paint viscosity.
  • Make necessary adjustments and manipulate gun to control and obtain proper finish; exercise care to prevent lags, dry spray and dirt.
  • Use both automatic and bench style power sand blasters to remove existing rust and slag; must have some knowledge of materials to eliminate distortion that may result from these processes.
  • Operate portable and stand abrasive belt grinders, portable disc grinders and buffing wheels to snag, grind and polish parts.
  • Perform clean, prep and finish coating process utilizing coating tanks.


The ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated, persuasive, intelligent and well educated. The individual’s personal style will need to be suited to a culture which is team based, entrepreneurial, fast paced, value-driven with high corporate standards. The individual will need to be very comfortable working in a lean, matrixed, highly customer focused organization with strong ethical standards.

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