Want More Money? Speak Up – NW Indiana Times

There is a proper way to go about asking for a raise.  According to Talos president, Trevor Simm, this is no time to think emotionally.

“Often an employee will approach a supervisor and say they feel they deserve a raise, which begs the question, why?” says Trevor Simm, founder and president of the staffing firms Talos Solutions and OpalStaff in Millersville, Maryland.

Many times the employee will answer the question with emotion-based responses, which cannot be backed up. Simm says instead, the employee should answer the question with data that shows why they should get the reward they deserve. For example, show how and where you’ve saved the company money, or how you’ve led your team in sales, or how you’ve successfully managed several projects through completion, or how you’ve successfully launch a new product, etc.

“These types of answers can be reinforced with measurable results, which are ultimately more compelling than emotions,” he adds.

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