Do Employers Want Too Much From Candidates? –

Talos president, Trevor Simm, is quoted in this article, “Do Employers Want Too Much From Candidates?”

“Sometimes an organization isn’t entirely sure what it wants in a new hire, which inevitably leads to issues in defining the position. “In an effort to find someone who can also do more than the normal functions for the job,” said Trevor Simm, the founder and president of OpalStaff and Talos Solutions, “companies add lots more duties and/or responsibilities to the position.”

Employers are also casting a wider net, he continued: “There is a concern among companies that are hiring that if a job description is too narrow, then they won’t attract a reasonable number of applicants.” Wishful thinking is another issue, with employers sometimes including a lengthy list of everything they’d like a candidate to have—whether or not those skills are really needed by the organization.”

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